Funders / Donors

How the Foundation is Funded and How to Donate

The Foundation is a registered charity and is funded in a variety of ways.

Institutional Funding

The Foundation has attracted funding for specific projects from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office most recently through  the FCO’s Reuniting Europe Programme and the Arab Partnership Participation Fund, the British Council, and in earlier years from the British Association for Central and Eastern Europe and the Lord Chancellor’s Department.

Some of its programmes have recently been funded from EU sources including the EU Ukrainian Business Council and EUPOL  COPPS (the EU’s Rule of Law mission in the Occupied Palestinian Territories).

Individual Supporters

The Foundation has received many generous donations from individual donors for which it is extremely grateful.

Support in kind

The Foundation would not be able to undertake its work without the huge amount of support it receives from the legal profession, particularly from individual judges and practitioners who kindly volunteer their services.

The Foundation is also most grateful to those law firms from whom it has received generosity in kind. The Foundation is particularly grateful to Clifford Chance for its pro bono partnership which provides us with a substantial amount of administrative help, including the provision of the Treasury service. The Foundation has also received generous help from Allen & Overy and Ashurst in the past.

How to Donate

We receive more requests for our support than we are able to meet and we would like to be able to more. However to do more, we need more funding.

If you would like to support our work, you can do so in a number of ways.

 By making an Annual Gift

 If you would like to do this, please complete the Banker’s Order form attached here and return to Ruth Eldon, Executive Administrator, The Slynn Foundation, 7-8 Essex Street, London WC2R 3LD or by emailing a scanned copy to specifying whether you are eligible for Gift Aid.

By making a Single Gift

You can do this on line by going to and following the instructions for payments to the Slynn Foundation.

Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to The Slynn Foundation as above.  If you are eligible for Gift Aid please also complete and enclose the attached Gift Aid Declaration