We have successfully completed another busy year of our on-going project in Albania
Highlights of this year include continuing to support the constitutional reform programme including a two-day round table for the High Court.This covered a range of subjects including the EU Charter of Fundamental Human Rights, a description of the reference process, general practice and procedure at the Court and free movement of workers. Sir David Latham and Sir Stanley Burnton led for the Foundation and they were delighted that Christopher Vajda QC and Aaron Baker were able to join them.
The Foundation continues to support the Magistrates School particular in its selection processes and through provision of judicial training covering judicial ethics, ADR and mediation training, EU law and ECHR. As part of the work on the ECHR, this year saw the production of a Human Rights Manual in English Human Rights Manual for Albania (English Version)and Albanian Manual Trajnimi për të Drejtat Ndërkombëtare të Njeriut (Albanian Version)