Assistance with legislative reform

In Albania one of the priorities identified by the EC as a condition for a positive recommendation on Albania’s EU candidate status was the introduction of new legislation on the High Court. However the new law became mired in internal political processes but the Foundation was able to use its independent position to enable negotiations at all levels and enabled significant progress to be made on the reforms. The new law which has now been agreed by all parties and is ready to be enacted. In addition the assistance provided to the Albanian National Chamber of Advocates has enabled the Law on the Legal Profession to pass through Parliament.

In Ukraine, following a series of visits, the Foundation produced a report on some of the problems affecting the Ukrainian judiciary and contained proposals for how the Foundation might be able to assist. A copy of the report can be viewed here: The Rule of Law in Ukraine.

In partnership with the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, two retired appellate judges visited Palestine to explore the roles and responsibilities between the Ministry of Justice and the High Judicial Council.  This initial visit led to a successful joint funding application from the Slynn Foundation and the Bingham Centre to the FCO for a programme of work in 2014/15.

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