Court reform

In Albania the Foundation identified the weaknesses in the way the appointments system to the High Court was working/ not working and also in that court’s very serious backlog of cases.  Working closely with the Chief Justice, the Albanian Ministry of Justice and the EU Rule of Law Mission in Tirana its efforts led to the development of agreed proposals for legislative reform.  A new Law on the High Court was enacted in July 2013, and the Foundation is assisting in its implementation.

The Foundation worked with the Albanian High Court to reduce its caseload and to ensure its decisions were published in real time, in a searchable format. It also assisted in ensuring the High Court operations and decisions were demonstrably in line with EU standards and international norms achieved

In Serbia the Foundation proposed a blueprint for promoting greater consistency in the decision-making of the four new regional Courts of Appeal, which had been seriously criticised by the Court at Strasbourg.  Its proposals were warmly welcomed by the acting presidents of all four courts and by the Serbian Ministry of Justice, but further progress stalled. Three former appellate judges, assisted by the former chief executive and a former regional administrator from HM Courts Service took part in this work.

In Iraqi Kurdistan the Foundation prepared high level practical advice at the request of the National School of Government International for the High Judicial Council in relation to the management systems needed to handle the caseloads of the major new complex of trial and appellate courts under construction in Erbil.  A retired circuit judge and a retired senior HMCS regional administrator carried out this project.

Entrance to Presidency Court - Erbil

Entrance to Presidency Court – Erbil

In Russia, the Foundation worked with the Supreme Commercial Court on the role of precedent in making the law more certain and predictable and the overriding importance of observing the rule of law in national and international commercial dealings.

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