Improving Justice Systems

The Foundation gives high level impartial advice and assistance to overseas judiciaries and judicial systems, through working in Eastern Europe and the Arab world.

The Foundation works in a number of different ways to help improve justice systems. These include:

Assistance with Court Reform including

  • Working with other countries’ court systems to promote transparency, efficiency, integrity and independence.
  • Advising on the procedures for the selection, appointment and promotion of Judges
  • Helping create processes for selecting and promoting judges based on modern non-corrupt appointment techniques (eg anonymised multiple-choice tests for sifting candidates for judicial training).  Such arrangements help develop vital public trust in the local judiciary.
  • Improving ethics codes and disciplinary processes for judges and advocates. The Foundation can support reforms to ethics codes and complaints/disciplinary systems involving judges or advocates.

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Assistance with legislative reform

The Foundation can advise on reforms to primary or secondary legislation affecting the judiciary or the advocacy profession to ensure compatibility with best modern practice. It also provides support to improve and implement specific legislation and institutional legal frameworks. If required it will ensure these are compatible with EU standards and legislation

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Assistance with Caseload Management

The Foundation analyses problems facing courts and justice systems beset by delays and impossible caseloads. It then promotes practical proven ways to tackle such difficulties including new IT systems and structural or procedural reforms.

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