The Foundation gives high level impartial advice and assistance to overseas judiciaries and judicial systems, through working in Eastern Europe and the Arab world.

The Foundation has worked in a number of ways in Ukraine. Following a series of visits, the Foundation produced a report on some of the problems affecting the Ukrainian judiciary and contained proposals for how the Foundation might be able to assist. A copy of the report can be viewed here: The Rule of Law in Ukraine

Most recently we have undertaken a series of visits to offered advice on the criminal justice reforms and provided a critique for the Council of Europe on a new draft law on the Office of Public Prosecutor in Ukraine. In previous visits held discussions with senior judges of the High Specialist Administrative Court and the High Specialist Criminal and Civil Court in Kyiv and the Court of Appeal in Zaporizhya on issues of mutual interest in the criminal justice and administrative justice fields.

Sir Robin Auld - Kiev

Sir Robin Auld – Kiev

The Foundation delivered seminars for judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine covering the Rule of Law, the relationships between the Judiciary and the Executive, the Legislature and the media, the UK Supreme Court and the binding effect of its judgments, the governance of the English judiciary, and contemporary issues in civil and criminal procedure.  The seminars were organised in partnership with Agencia Consulting Ltd and funded by HM British Embassy, Kyiv.

The Foundation has also participated in conferences including those organised by the Ukrainian Bar Association on International Commercial Arbitration. Representatives of the Foundation were due to deliver presentations at a major conference in Kyiv for the Ukrainian judiciary on the Rule of Law which due to travel difficulties were given via Skype. It also provided a one-day workshop for judges of the Supreme Court of Ukraine on the caselaw of the European Convention on Human Rights.

In London the Foundation has participated in a visit by a delegation of judges from the new High Specialist Court for Civil and Criminal Cases and hosted a small dinner for the delegation. It also participated in a further delegation from the Supreme Court of Ukraine having discussions on the work of the Crown Prosecution Service, the Judicial Appointments Commission and the Office of Judicial Complaints and also hosted a dinner for the delegation.

The Foundation also recently granted its Annual Fellowships to two young Ukrainian lawyers. For more info see here